Finding the best mortgage option in San Jose

A house is considered the biggest purchase for a person in his or her life time. So, it is important to invest time to be sure you made a good choice.

The housing market in the US is continuing to grow in value. This is what mortgage brokers in San Jose CA have to say. And as a result, the mortgage market is lending to a wider spectrum of borrowers as the lenders are capable to make more risk now.

Despite so many options available in the market, the home buyers prefer to take the assistance of mortgage lenders in Bay Area to choose the best option. After considering the entire mortgage options available, take a comprehensive look at what each product means for you in the short as well as long run.


Mortgage lenders in Bay Area
Mortgage lenders in Bay Area


With the help of one of the most professional mortgage brokers in San Jose CA like Cynthia Trinh, understanding different mortgage options are quite easy. Today, the mortgages are broken into fixed and adjustable rates. To cater to the needs of the borrowers, the mortgage lenders in Bay Area are offering online mortgage options at a good rate. In order to attract buyers, they are using more resources to reach the customers and provide them services according to their needs.

So get in touch with a professional mortgage broker like Cynthia Trinh to tap in more mortgage options. You can take help of online resources to study more about San Jose real estate market before making the final decision.



Are you financially ready to buy a home loan?

Taking home loan for the first time home buyers like you can be a challenging task as there are many things that will cloud your mind. Doubts like whether it is the right time, which bank or lender to seek a loan from, which property to choose, etc will strike your mind. Some first home buyers are almost careless when finalizing a home loan deal and end up realizing their mistake of not doing the homework or research work properly. So when you are choosing a home loan, make sure you know the details of different options available and your capacity to make repayments.


Before choosing any home loans in San Jose, evaluate your monthly cash flow and find out ways to save as much as you want. You should get your basic calculation right. You should access your income as well as expenditure details regularly so that you can find out what expenses you can cut down, how much money you can save and how much repayment installments you can afford. Once you are convinced you are saving enough and to the best of your potential, you should move ahead for short listing the best home loans in San Jose. Once you have a fair understanding of your buying capacity, analyze what you can afford and do not be in a hurry while selecting a home loan. Never select a property that will put more financial burden on you.

To get the best deal, you should get in touch with a professional with good knowledge and experience in home loans and commercial loans in San Jose. A mortgage broker who can assist you in best possible way is Cynthia Trinh. Contact Cynthia Trinh to know more about commercial and home loans in San Jose.


Homes this summer will be less affordable than previous year

The summer housing market is shaping up to be another doozy for those who want to buy their dream home. This year may be the starkest example of a post-recession reality for housing, and one that appears poised to redefine the regional market as we know it. All the signs are indicating that homes this summer will be far less affordable than they were this time last year.

Affordability is being hit on several fronts. The foreclosure catastrophe is over, but it left behind an entirely new landscape for potential home buyers. Entry-level homes are in short supply because investors acquired thousands of entry-level homes during the crisis and turned them into rental properties, thereby removing them from available inventory for prospective buyers. According to the U.S. Census, the number of single-family rentals jumped to more than 15 million, up from about 11 million in 2009.

Simultaneously, home builders are producing fewer new homes than in past years due to the increasing cost and short supply of skilled construction labor; thousands of construction workers have stopped doing business, never to return. For first time homebuyers this is particularly difficult because builders are not focusing on entry-level homes because costs are rising faster than selling prices resulting in margins that are simply too tight.

Also, the younger group of home buyers is delaying marriage and parenthood, historically the two most important factors driving home ownership. Potential home buyers today are facing challenging new realities. Competition is tough and buyers have to be ready to act decisively and quickly to win the bidding war to purchase their dream home.

More than ever, in a market like we have today, home buyers need to take careful steps to maximize their options on the larger to home ownership. As a buyer, the help of a professional with vast experience in the housing market can make the difference between a winning, and a losing, bid. If you are planning to buy a home in San Jose, in Silicon Valley or anywhere else in the Bay Area, Cynthia Trinh can be an invaluable resource and partner for you. She is a professional real estate and mortgage expert with good experience in the housing market.


Cynthia Trinh has earned a professional recognition in mortgage and real estate market. She can help you make the right decision by helping you find one of the best home loans in Silicon Valley. She can help you track the actual current home loan rates available in the market and educate you on various loan options available to suit your needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer, move up buyer or are planning for retirement, Cynthia Trinh will be the best support possible in Silicon Valley.

How can you get your commercial loans approved?

It is very challenging to get a commercial loan approved these days.  It is completely based on risks. The higher the risk your business poses to the lender, the harder it will be to borrow. Here are the following tips that will help you present the best case to a commercial lender and increase your chances of getting commercial loans in Bay Area for your business needs with competitive terms.


Assess your business first

In the procedure of obtaining commercial loans, there are a few criteria on which the commercial loan lender will evaluate your business and intangibles that may apply. You should start the process by viewing your business through the lender’s eyes. You should go through the application process to find out what exactly the lender wants. Talk to them informally to know what exactly they want. You should know what your business credit score is and find out whether your business is profitable or not. You also need to find out whether you have good reputation in your target market or not.

Try to cover up the deficiencies you have

Once you know what the loan lender will expect for your needs of commercial loans in Bay Area and knowing where your business stands, you will succeed in identifying your shortcomings. You will get an opportunity to repair the deficiencies before you apply for the commercial loan. If your business lacks profitability, you can clean up this problem before applying for a loan. In case your credit score is low, investigate to make sure there are no mistakes that are artificially lowering your credit score.

Choose the commercial loan lender intelligently

Different commercial loan providers in Bay Area have different strengths. You need to search a professional who has good knowledge and experience in the market of commercial loans and commercial real estate in Bay Area.  A knowledgeable and experienced professional like Cynthia Trinh can help you with your commercial loans or real estate needs. With her vast knowledge and experience, she has created great value for her customers. Cynthia Trinh has over 14 years of experience in residential, commercial, mortgage and investment. She is a strong negotiator and uses best industry practices to help her customers through the complex process of obtaining commercial loans, and buying and selling real estate transactions.

Hope you found the above information helpful. You should keep the above points in mind if you want a hassle-free commercial loan approval process.

Start preparing early to get lowest interest rates

You cannot let anyone else do the shopping for you when you want a home loan at a great deal. You need to work out to get the lowest interest rates because this can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the loan.

How can you prevent paying more than you need for your mortgage? This is possible certainly by comparing the offers available with different money lenders in Bay Area. There are many more factors you should consider to get best interest on your home mortgage loan. You may find shaping your finances tough if you are looking for a home right now. So it is better to start preparing early. This will help you in getting lowest interest rates for your home loan requirement. While comparing you should not just look at the interest rate alone. There is more to compare. Find out more about closing costs, prepayment penalty and other things that will play a vital role in your loan acquiring and payment process.  A good credit score and a sizeable down payment will help you in getting lowest interest rate.

lowest interest rates

Remember, you should not blindly trust realtors, banks or your mortgage lenders in Bay Area to get you the best terms. Do your own shopping, mortgage calculating and comparing before relying on any one of them for your home loan needs.